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Gaggia Water Filter Intenza+ Brita


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The Gaggia Water Filter Intenza+ Brita is highly recommended as it provides freshly filtered water, which enhances the aroma and taste of your coffee. Additionally, it helps safeguard your espresso machine by protecting it from scale buildup and extending its lifespan.


Gaggia Water Filter Intenza+ Brita

Gaggia Water Filter Intenza+ Brita: freshly filtered water is recommended for better coffee aroma and taste. It also helps protect against scale and prolongs the life of your espresso machine. The water filtration system can be adjusted to level A, B, or C to enhance the quality of the coffee aroma.

Water filter cartridge, compatible with Gaggia models: Accademia, Naviglio, Carezza, Viva, Gran Gaggia, New Espresso, New Baby 06.


  • An improved coffee taste
  • Excellent protection against scale
  • Adjustable on 3 levels