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Thanks to the new Gaggia Naviglio range, you can enjoy the perfect Italian espresso, made just like in a cafeteria at the touch of a button.

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By choosing a Gaggia Naviglio, you will be able to automatically personalise the grind setting, length and body: this is the best and easiest way to prepare an espresso that’s full of flavour.

The 100% ceramic grinders makes for a consistent grind without overheating the coffee bean for an impeccable espresso. Ceramic also ensures long-lasting performance and a totally silent operation of the 5 step adjustable grinder.

Quick heat boiler technology ensures your machine is always ready. You won’t have to wait between brewing each espresso.

Gaggia designed this espresso machine to automatically clean its coffee circuit with water upon starting up or switching off the machine, this delivers a great, fresh taste with each cup of coffee. All this ensures you will always get a perfect cup of espresso brewed according to your personal preference, thanks to our memo function which allows you to adjust the coffee length and strength to suit your taste.

The brewing group is removable and you can easily clean it under the water. You can comfortably put the drip tray and servings container in your dishwasher.

Gaggia Naviglio Main Features:

  • Pump Pressure: 15 bar
  • Boiler: Stainless steel
  • Water Tank: 1.5L
  • Bean Hopper: 300g
  • Grind regulator: 5 selections
  • Ability of making 1 or 2 coffee simultaneously
  • Cappuccino Accessory: Pannarello Frother
  • Size: 256mm (L) x 340mm (H) x 440mm (D)
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Power Supply: 230V 50Hz 1850W