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Only 3000 units has been made world wide and now you have the chance to get your hands on a truly unique icon.

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Gaggia Classic 30 – Limited edition

2021 marks an important anniversary for Gaggia. Thirty years ago, the company launched an espresso machine that made history: Gaggia Classic. It was in 1991 when, following the footsteps of Baby Gaggia, Classic made its first appearance.

Immediately, it became a true icon. Coffee enthusiasts from all over the world consecrated this machine as a symbol of the unique art of making and enjoying a perfect Italian espresso at home.
Today, it is the company’s signature product, a flagship of the “Made in Italy” and “Espresso at home” culture in the world. This espresso machine still embodies the values of the manufacturer. Even if times have changed, its heart and mission are always the same. Join us in celebrating these first thirty years of authentic home espresso, tradition, never-ending passion and excellence, with an unmissable limited edition: Gaggia Classic 30. 3000 pieces only, entirely Made in Italy and numbered one by one on the production line.

For this occasion, Gaggia asked the Italian artist Pierpaolo Gaballo to choose a symbol for the 30th Anniversary of Gaggia Classic. He opted for an Acrobat. In this character, he saw a natural parallelism with the Home Barista. In fact, the Home Barista combines a wise preparation with dexterity, practice and balance of the elements, just like an Acrobat. They both make performances, but on different backgrounds. One in a house, at his/her personal coffee station, while the other one on a stage, in front of an audience.

Gaggia agreed with this symbolic interpretation from the beginning. The two souls of Gaggia Classic – the Acrobat and the Home Barista – mirror on the two sides of the machine. One is its purest essence, smooth, simple, direct: the Home Barista. On the opposite side, the artistic twist drawn by the Acrobat, a wonderful decoration that mesmerizes us.
Gaggia Classic 30 is an ode to authenticity, creativity, freedom, fantasy. Who chooses this machine will own a work of art that mixes Italian quality, tradition, design, with the fascinating art of contemporary illustration.

Professional Chromed Brass Group and Filter-Holder
Having the same style, size, ring and function as a professional machine, the Gaggia Classic Pro produces the perfect cup of coffee, every time. The heavy-chromed brass group and filter holder ensure a consistent and stable temperature throughout the entire brewing process.
3 Filters For Ground Coffee and Pod
Gaggia Classic comes with 3 filters which are suitable for all types of users – from beginners to experts. These filters can be used with ground coffee and coffee pods.

Professional Steam Wand With 2 Steam Outlets
This allows you to produce the perfect frothy milk to make the traditional creamy cappuccino served at an Italian bar… but to enjoy at the comfort of your own home.
Solenoid Valve
The three-way Solenoid Valve relieves pressure in the filter-holder immediately after pulling a shot. Water empties from the filter-holder via the open valve and travels into the drip tray. This leaves the coffee pucks relatively dry, making it easy to clean.
Traditional Gaggia Boiler
The traditional boiler secures great espresso quality, thanks to the excellent temperature stability during the whole brewing process. The 15-bar pump pushes the hot water through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better-tasting, crema-topped espresso.  
New Intuitive User Interface
Have total control of the functions thanks to Gaggia Classic Colour Vibes’s traditional rocker-buttons and the ‘on/off’ indicator lights. To activate for espresso preparation and operate the steam wand – simply flip on the switch.
Cup Holder
The stainless steel cup holder and warmer is Gaggia Classic Colour Vibes’s practical feature. Conveniently store up to 5 espresso cups and glasses on top of the espresso machine itself – using the heat produced from the coffee machine to keep them hot and ready for use.
Proudly Made in Italy
Guarantee of premium quality and built from an infinite passion for the art of espresso making.


Technical Specifications


Interface  New rocker buttons + indicator lights 
Professional chromed brass portafilter Holder   
Hot water/steam dispenser  Professional stainless steel steam wand 
Cup plate   
Solenoid valve   

Beverage Variety and Quality

Hot water   
Ground coffee use   
Coffee pod use   
Pre-brewing  Manual 
Pump pressure  15 Bar 
Filters included  1 Crema Perfetta Filter (for 1 or 2 cups)
2 Traditional Filters (1 cup/pods; 2 cups) 

Ease of Use

Capacity water tank  2.1L 
Removable components  Water tank: Front
Drop tray: Front
Steam wand nozzle 
Simultaneous brewing  2 coffee cups at a time 


Descaling cycle  Manual 

Materials, Finishing and Dimensions

Product dimensions (L x H x D)  23 x 38 x 24 cm 
Product weight  7.265 kg 
Group and portafilter  Chromed brass 
Body finish  Painted galvanised steel 
Front panel finish  Painted galvanised steel 
Drip tray finish  Plastic and stainless steel 

Energy Consumption

Boiler  Gaggia’s traditional boiler 
Power supply  230 V 50 Hz; 120 V 60 Hz 


Included Accessories  Ground coffee doser, tamper and filter kit 
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